Charleston DUI Lawyer News for 05-28-2018

The Hawkins Law Firm, P.A. of South Carolina

Accidents caused by drunk drivers claim countless lives in the United States every year. Those who survive often sustain serious harm, including head injuries, neck injuries, broken bones, soft tissue and joint injuries, and more. While the State of South Carolina is aggressive about prosecuting drunk drivers, victims can often be left unable to work with mounting medical bills. The personal injury attorneys at The Hawkins Law Firm, P.A. represent clients throughout the greater Charleston, South Carolina area who have been involved in car accidents where DUI was a contributing factor. 

What sets us apart from other personal injury firms serving the Charleston area is the personal, one-on-one attention we provide to each of our clients and their cases. We offer flexible appointment scheduling and free initial consultations, so it costs you nothing to speak to one our knowledgeable personal injury lawyers. Accidents caused by intoxicated drivers can result in serious harm to others, and even wrongful death. South Carolina prosecutors may incarcerate and otherwise punish the drunk driver who caused the accident, but doesn’t resolve the problems experienced by surviving family members. Oftentimes following any car accident, insurance companies will put tremendous pressure on you to accept an early settlement, hoping they can get out of paying the kind of compensation you could potentially get with representation from an aggressive auto accident attorney. 

By agreeing to an early settlement, you may be signing away your right to pursue further compensation in the future, and these settlements often don’t take into account the long-term costs associated with injuries caused in car accidents involving drunk drivers. Let us assist you through this difficult time and pursue fair compensation for your injuries. Call the personal injury attorneys at The Hawkins Law Firm, P.A. at 547-0125, and let us know how we can help. 

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Joseph Cole Good III, Charleston South Carolina Attorney on Lawyer Legion

Prior to law school Mr. Good was the sales manager for a national agricultural software firm called QuickFarm, Inc. During law school Mr. Good clerked for the Honorable Paul E. Short, Jr. 

in the South Carolina Court of Appeals as a judicial intern, the Hood Law Firm in Charleston, SC, and Ellis Lawhorne & Sims, in Columbia, SC. Mr. Good was a member of both the Mock Trial Board and Moot Court Boards in law school and was involved in the law school student government. Mr. Good’s practice areas include white collar criminal defense, DUI Defense, Boating Under the Influence, personal injuries, dram shop liability, and entertainment law. 

Mr. Good has defended hundreds of clients in both state and federal courts. Criminal Defense Attorney Joe Good is certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the International Association of Chiefs of Police in DUI detection and the administration of Standardized Field Sobriety Tests. Mr. Good also has a Certificate of Completion from the SCACDL Datamaster DMT Training Course which focused on the datamaster breathalyzer machine which is the machine used in South Carolina. 

Mr. Good is licensed in South Carolina state court and in the federal court for the District of South Carolina. Mr. Good is a graduate of the National Trial Advocacy College at the University of Virginia School of Law. Mr. 

Good was recently awarded the 40 Under 40 Award given to business leaders in the Charleston community by the Charleston Regional Business Journal. In his spare time, Mr. Good enjoys playing live music with his band around the state, playing golf, and boating. Mr. Good also teaches Business Law at the local college. 

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Charleston DUI Lawyer News for 05-23-2018

In most cases, the prosecution will charge your child not with multiple DUI charges. There are three separate underage DUI laws and prosecutors can pursue all of them at once. Schools can ask about criminal history as part of admissions, and may choose not to admit your child based on their DUI. Employment challenges. Many will look at a DUI as an instant disqualification. 

The costs of a DUI do not finish with penalties and also court charges, or perhaps insurance walks. You need to understand how a lawyer fights a DUI both in and out of court. A good DUI lawyer doesn’t want your case to go that far. A good DUI lawyer will already have a working knowledge of the prosecutor and their take on underage DUI cases. Your DUI lawyer can request data on the testing device or lab and potentially move to have it excluded if there are any irregularities. 

On meeting a DUI attorney Charleston SC the first thing he will tell is a DUI is something of great severity and a cause of innumerable number of expenses, to face as it bring a lot of adversities for one to face. If you want to hire the best Charleston DUI lawyer, then look no further than Charlton DUI Guy. Terence M. Hoffman, LLC, North Charleston, SC. Our attorneys are dedicated to serving the people of South Carolina in matters of Family Law, Personal Injury, Probate, and DUI. 

Call now for a free consultation. 

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