Charleston DUI Lawyer News for 02-14-2018

Arrested for DUI? 2 Things You Need to Do Immediately

A drunken driving arrest is serious business; A DUI conviction in South Carolina can result in a suspended driver’s license, fines and even jail time. If you’ve been pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, there are two things you’ll want to do immediately in order to fight the charges or get a lesser penalty. These little details can greatly aid your attorney with your case. If you took a field sobriety test, what were the results? If you were arrested, were you read your Miranda rights? Did you ask for a lawyer? Did you take additional chemical tests at the police station? If so, what were the results? It’s important to hire a lawyer experienced in fighting DUI cases. A knowledgeable DUI attorney thoroughly understands the law and the principles used by law enforcement. A qualified DUI attorney also fully grasps the severity of a DUI arrest and conviction. Your attorney realizes how a suspended license will impact your work and family life. Record your version of the incident in as much detail as possible and then find an experienced DUI attorney who will give you the best shot possible at a positive outcome. For professional, effective legal counsel in the Lowcountry, turn to a local and experienced attorney’s office like Harris & Huge, LLC. The team at Harris & Huge specializes in DUI defense, criminal law defense, corporate law and person injury.

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DUI Attorney Charleston, SC

Having DUI counsel from Seibert Law Firm, LLC can assure you that no representative decision will be made without your input. Once a strategy is fully developed, our DUI firm will aggressively defend you in the Charleston area courts at every turn. At Seibert Law Firm, LLC, we believe in shrewdly pushing for the best possible plea bargain. While preparing your case, our outstanding DUI counsel will keep you informed of anything and everything you need to know about your judicial process. No matter the circumstances of your case, we at Seibert Law Firm, LLC will work diligently to keep you informed and secure in your defense. Any good Charleston area representation requires understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of, and possible outcomes for, a case. When your future is placed in jeopardy by some DUI situation, you need to rely on the knowledgeable and professional experience of a lawyer in whom you can confide. At Seibert Law Firm, LLC, our many years of representing clients in the Charleston speaks for itself. We at Seibert Law Firm, LLC want to provide you the service that countless clients from all over Charleston have gotten to enjoy. Give us a call at 554-0686 and we will discuss your DUI case and determine what the best course of action would be in order to get you the results you want.

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Pulled Over? Be On the Lookout For These 3 DUI Missteps

Sponsored by: Harris & Huge LLC. In a DUI situation, as with any arrest, the law is clear about individual’s rights and police procedures. The DUI field sobriety test has to be conducted on camera. If the police conduct the sobriety test off camera, they are violating the law, says Stephen Harris of Harris & Huge LLC, which specializes in DUI defense. Even though police officers may argue the camera wasn’t working, Harris says that argument usually doesn’t hold up in court. You can stay quiet until you’ve had a chance to talk with your DUI attorney. In any DUI situation, it’s important to call a qualified DUI attorney. An attorney experienced in DUI cases will know the law thoroughly and can quickly point out any of these police missteps that could work in your favor. An attorney who specializes in DUI cases understands the complexity and severity of a DUI arrest and conviction. Especially if one or more of these situations happened during your DUI arrest, you’ll want the help of a qualified professional. For professional, effective legal counsel in the Lowcountry, turn to a local and experienced attorney’s office like Harris & Huge, LLC. The expert team at Harris & Huge specializes in DUI defense, criminal law defense, corporate law and personal injury.

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French Quarter, Charleston, SC

I’ve had Uber come in handy many times locally since they’ve been here. I’ve taken them home from the bar and then back to my car in the morning after too much of grandpa’s cough medicine and even put friends into Uber’s under my own account to make sure they get home safely. It’s better than a cab and way better than a DUI, but Uber in Charleston is by no means what you’re used to in a major market. Had a great Uber experience in Charleston! The first ride, the gentleman picked us up in a Lexus and was very southern gentlemanly. The second ride, very nice guy, told me I should keep an eye out on my uber rating as it was a tad below the 4.5 rating which could lead drivers to cancel on me. We’ve recently discovered Uber and love the service. Uber is ridiculous, my friend and I got a 20 min ride in our home town from James island to north charleston, it quoted is about a 30$ total for the ride; but we got charged 125$. How is that even legal? Very disappointed and won’t be using uber again. In cities where Uber has been around for awhile, like Sf, the Uber drivers are great. In cities like Charleston, where Uber is not very popular, the Uber drivers are pretty poor. The Uber drivers here seem incapable of using their GPS on their phones.

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