Charleston DUI Lawyer News for 02-07-2018

Charleston-Area State Senator arrested for DUI, providing false information

CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. – South Carolina Senator Paul Campbell has been arrested for driving under the influence and providing false information to police. According to South Carolina Highway Patrol, the crash happened on Saturday, at 9:15 PM on I-26 near mile marker 204 in Charleston County. Troopers say Campbell’s vehicle rear-ended another car in congested traffic. When SCHP arrived on scene, there was discrepancy about who was driving the at-fault vehicle. The incident report explains Campbell’s wife told authorities she was driving the vehicle. Campbell also told authorities his wife was driving. Through witness interviews, Troopers determined Sen. Campbell was the driver of the car and administered a field sobriety test. The test registered his blood alcohol level at.09%, while the legal limit is.08%. Campbell was arrested for DUI and providing false information to police and booked in the Charleston County Detention Center. Campbell’s wife was also cited for providing false information to police. Campbell is a Berkeley County Republican, representing Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester Counties, and is Chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee. He is also Executive Director and CEO of the Charleston International Airport. Charleston County authorities released the full video to media Monday.

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10: 48 hours to maximum 30 days in jail, although community service can be given in lieu of the mandatory minimum jail sentence. 15%: 72 hours to a maximum 30 days in jail, although community service can be given in lieu of mandatory minimum jail time. 08% and.09%: Jail time for a second DUI conviction carries up to one year, with a five-day minimum. 10% and.15%: Jail time for a second DUI carries up to two years, with a 30 day minimum. If your BAC is.16 or higher: Jail time for a second DUI carries up to three years, with a 90 day minimum. 08% and.09%: Jail time for a DUI 3rd carries up to up to three years, with a 60 day minimum. Ignition Interlock Deviceā€Ž required for three years and up to four years if the 3rd offense is within five years of the previous DUI conviction. 10% and.15%: Jail time for DUI 3rd carries up to four years in prison, with a 90 day minimum. If your BAC is.16 or higher: Jail time for DUI 3rd carries up to five years in prison, with a 6 month minimum. 08% and.09%: a 4th or subsequent DUI conviction is clarified as a felony, with 1-5 years in prison plus court costs and assessments. 10% and.15%: Minimum of two years jail time, with a maximum of 6 years. If your BAC is.16 or higher: Minimum of three years jail time, with a maximum of 7 years.

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Search South Carolina State Bar Association member directory by name or location. View information about obtaining South Carolina birth, death, marriage and divorce records including record order forms and County Vital Records offices. Links to state and local court records, general South Carolina court information, directory of courts, and online resources for courts in South Carolina. View South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, Division of Vital Records 1915 through 1960 death index log files. Search South Carolina State employee phone directory by name or agency. South Carolina employers who hire South Carolina residents to work in the state of South Carolina must abide by the Federal FCRA. Contact Info. Search South Carolina statewide inmate records through Vinelink by offender ID or name. Search South Carolina Department of Insurance license records by agency, company, individuals, sponsors, proctors, instructors or courses. Search South Carolina obituary records by name of deceased, publication date or obituary text. View a directory of schools in South Carolina by type of school. Search South Carolina index of archived historical documents, including Confederate veterans, criminal court records, legislative papers, will transcripts, and more. Search South Carolina Treasurer’s unclaimed property records by name.

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